Unknown Milan

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a new low cost way to discover this demure city


What is this photo collection for?

Why exploring the “unknown part” of Milan? 

Milan is not an “easy” city: it doesn’t show off itself, it’s not open and even the people are discrete and introvert. 

Anyway every year a lot of tourists come to visit the city, they mostly come attracted by fashion and design.

But Milan isn’t a shop window, it’s complex and refined.

To enjoy Milan you have to discover it, you have to walk around and look carefully behind the railings and the street doors of the buildings: only in this way you can be able to “see” and understand this city.

This blog wanted to show this other face of the city, a kind of tourist guide not only for foreigners but also for the lazy milanese who always complain their city has nothing to offer.

An introspective look into a so known and so unknown Milan.